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April 15, 2009


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We're always instructed to follow the money. Unfortunately, there's not that much left. So, the hard right is essentially getting by on ginned-up outrages like "socialism" and other sideshow frights.

If they have one organizing principle, it's their own innocence and victimhood. They're forced to suffer crimes like political correctness, abortion, and taxes. Evil people take their money and give it to minorities.

The power they have is almost entirely negative now. There's nothing left to give to the Real-Estate Industrial Complex. So their culture-war phantoms must dance even more furiously, as if to conjure the glory days of yesteryear. They have guns, they have talk radio, and they have an Explanation. They may be bankrupt but they're hardly chastened.

Mr. Talton wrote:

"But rather than go back to discuss the real problems and solutions, which you can find here, I want to encourage the Kookocracy to use Teabag Day to redouble their efforts."

I seldom employ Internet abbreviations, but surely this deserves a "LOL".

"So where are the people of principle there? Men like Randy Pullen, the state GOP chairman, or the indefatigable Russell Pearce?"

They're still here. Here's a recent quote from the delightful Mr. Pearce, Chairman of the Arizona Senate Appropriations Committee, from a recent Arizona Republic article about how Arizona could lose half a BILLION dollars in federal aid for the WORKING poor if the state's Republican controlled legislature passes its budget plan:

Speaking on the Senate floor Wednesday, Sen. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, said spending should be reduced to lower the burden on taxpayers who do not receive government aid.

"What we've turned into is folks continuing to think that everyone has the right to live off the backs of those who work for a living," said Pearce, the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. "Most taxpayers have had enough."

Pearce said Arizona needs to "get back on the track of government doing very little for us."


VERY little. Wink. For example, laws encouraging new toll-roads, using public infrastructure for private profit:


Don't forget, this is the same Republican dominated state legislature that, just before the recession broke, raided Arizona's "rainy day fund" for highway improvement:

"Committee Chairman Sen. Robert “Bob” Burns, R-Peoria, who sponsored the bill, said he considers the growing congestion on Arizona roads an economic emergency and thus an appropriate reason to use Rainy Day Fund money. Several Republican members spoke out in agreement."


Meanwhile, it appears that the working-class parasites alluded to by Russell Pearce have been invited to a Barmecidal feast, as the Arizona Republic reports that Arizona ranks near the bottom of the nation (41st) for its overall state and local tax burden.


Equally recently, as reported by the New York Times, a new study by the Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government notes that while recessionary revenue problems are worse in places like Arizona, rampant real-estate speculation and falling sales taxes (both of which the state's economy are heavily dependent upon) are primarily to blame, as compared to "sober-sided Plains states" which did not experience "dizzying" inflation of home prices and whose sales AND personal income taxes "held relatively steady" in the fourth quarter:


Incidentally, doesn't this whole "Teabag Day" thing have a whiff of something cooked up by the Republican National Committee?


What a beautifully written summary of the dismal state of affairs at the Arizona State Capitol. Too bad no one in the legislature would listen to Talton. Then again, it isn't called the Kookocracy for no reason.

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