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October 27, 2008


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Wait! Before you go, Arizona offers you half the Grand Canyon for a few public officials with a backbone.

A clever and delicious satire, Mr. Talton. Let's hope that some of the big Web feeds pick this one up.

Love it, Jon!

Will you allow immigration from us poor saps in Red States?

Muy bueno Senor Talton. I will miss the Florida beaches.

Damn, Jon. Tell us how you really feel!

Oh, and isn't it funny that it's the "Red State" mentality that fuels all of the un-ironic secessionist movements, from the Civil War to Texas to the Alaskan one, now on the national radar, thanks to Palin.

Yes, the secessionist movements. Those states that you consider useless kept wanting to leave the union and were prevented from doing so. The blue states can quit their moaning because they were the ones who insisted that the secessionists must be kept in the fold, "for their own good".

So the red states gave you George W Bush, "for your own good", and somehow you want to blame the secessionist movements for that...

I just cross-posted this to Pharyngula in response to a commenter.

You might see up uptick in traffic if it catches their interest.

Blue states, give me a call. I'd like to talk to you now that you're cleaning house.
I think we would get along very well.

p.s. I have oil...


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