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December 09, 2008


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My devout wish,too.

Right wingers have long preached an ideology compounded of meanness and pure fantasy. Uncage the dogs of the Free Market! Then let the casualities pile up in the streets. Finally, we'll get to see if their confidence matches their extremism.

Since real estate is really their only economic strategy, we'll get to see how see how Arizona's foreclosure hell will midwife the promised land. Of course, Arpaio will be instrumental in maintaining order among the new horde of losers.

I might even be tempted to resubscribe to The Arizona Republic. Progress reports from Bob Robb and Doug MacEachern should add some sparkly fairy dust to the mayhem. Courage, wingnuts! Your day is arriving.

You'll be happy to know that Sheriff Joke was roundly booed as he floated by the VA hospital in a Xmas-lit armored car during the APS Fiesta Light Parade. Too bad these same folks didn't turn out to vote.

The local media (Horizon, Channel 12) has been hoping that Brewer (was her campaign photo taken 30 years ago? - I don't think there is an uglier governor in the world) will heal in the Kooks so she can get elected in 2010. I think this unlikely. The inmates are now running the asylum.

How did the state elect Dems to Congress,Janet to the governorship and then increase the Republican majorities in the State Leg.?????Is the ghost of Eugene Pulliam still pulling the political strings here and in Indiana?How ironic for the Republic that, after brainwashing the locals for thirty years to be good conservatives,it is now reaping the whirlwind it created.At least half the posts accuse the paper of being a leftist rag and left twing mouthpiece.

How refreshing- it has been far too long since I had the opportunity to read one of Jon's ad hominem rants against Arizona's "kookocracy." Even as a card carrying kookocrat, I used to love picking up the business page of the Republic to read the Talton barrage of assertions. It gave the place some flavor, and I do honestly miss it.

Jon's prophecy sounds overly pessimistic (maybe) but the Arizona legislature may live down to his expectations. The few moderates can't muster enough support for much-needed legislation like a bill to curb the Bad Ozone.

Ladner's comment is interesting because Talton's 'rant' have been much more spot on than the 'research' the Goldwater Institute pumps out. While the kooks love to act as if the current woes are only the result of Napolitano they are also largely resulting from tax policies the GI has championed.

You forgot to steal from Mencken: "It's time for Arizona to get the government it deserves -- and to get it good and hard."

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